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Posted on Feb 3, 2019

In Search Digital Marketing - Cornwall

Google Penalty Recovery

Mar 5, 2020 – Mar 2, 2021
Google Search Engine Penalty Recovery - Panda/Penguin/Medic

We come across websites that have suffered a penalty from Google and had its rankings decline. There are many different Google updates but they all tend to fall under the umbrella of Panda and Penguin and most recently Medic.

Having your website penalised means there rankings decline in the search engines until the penalty is rectified. Some website owners and SEO agencies will quite innocently end up feeling Google's wrath without realising then have done so but there are also some nefarious practices performed by some SEO companies or business owners that pretty well guarantee the website is going to run into trouble.

An SEO agency could also give a website a penalty due to lack of knowledge. All SEO companies and individuals are not equal and there is a huge gap in ability between the worst and best. There are still people practising SEO like it was 6 or 7 years ago.

For the innocent SEO's who stumble into a Google penalty, which would normally be Panda, unless there is some dubious link building activities, then we can sympothise as it does not take much to slip into a Panda penalty

Rectifying the penalty begins with recognising which type it is, one will look like a slow bleed and the other will be a drop off the cliff and then we can start the recovery.

The more recent Medic update delivers a different kind of penalty and one that can see a website drop from from being in the top 3 to outside the top 100.
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